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Upcoming Events

NBA meetings feature a speaker from the community nearly every week. They include business leaders, state policymakers, local elected officials, educators, city administrators, authors, nonprofit administrators and other influentials from throughout the community. Programs are always informative and never fail to prompt discussion.

Below is a list of upcoming programs.  

Time: 7 a.m

Date: Aug. 28, 2020

Speaker: Business Meeting.  

Location: 3200 S Berry Road

Time: 7 a.m

Date: Sept. 18, 2020

Speaker: Meeting to be held at Black Mesa Brewery.  

Location: 3901 N Flood Ave.

Time: 7 a.m

Date: Sept. 25, 2020

Speaker: Stephanie Williams, Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Norman Public Schools.  

Location: 3200 S Berry Road

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