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Norman Business Association

About The Norman Business Association

If friendliness and comradery were a commodity that could be bought and sold, the Norman Business Association would be the most successful enterprise in Norman. The organization is composed of a diverse range of small business owners, educators, corporate managers, professionals and retirees who care about the Norman community.

The NBA was established in 1984 by members of the Norman business community as a source of support for small business in Norman. More than 30 years later, the club continues to meet weekly and several of its earliest members are still active.

While it is still a business association, the club is much more than that. Its members are advocates for each other and for the Norman community. Each Friday morning, when the club meets for breakfast, the culture of friendship and support iis a reminder of why Norman is such a great place to live and work.

The association welcomes guests and visitors, and the door is open to those interested in joining. For more information about membership, contact us at:      

Mission Statement:

The Norman Business Association is a local business organization which provides mutual support to its members in order to ensure that small businesses thrive.

This mission is accomplished by:
   *   Providing business leads and referrals to one another
   *   Patronizing each others' businesses
   *   Informing each other of issues that impact local business
   *   Providing a forum for local business concerns

 Principles of Relationship:
    *    Demonstrate respectful participation
    *    Be Action Oriented
    *    Get to know each other
    *    Stay informed on relevant issues
    *    Encourage everyone's active participation
    *    Actively support each other's businesses
    *    Start and end meetings on time
    *    Celebrate and support each other; have fun
    *    Respect other's opinion; disagree with ideas, not people
    *    Support the NBA
    *    Promote the NBA as an asset to the community
    *    Practice honesty and integrity

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