Norman Business Association
Norman Business Association

Our Members:

The Norman Business Association is composed of a diverse range of small business owners, educators, corporate manager, professionals and retirees who care about the Norman community.  

Adams, Kenny

Street Cars Direct / Dillard Group
2896 Broce Dr., Norman
Contact: 405-620-1774

Adams, Kimberlee 

Community Relations

OGE Energy Corp.


Contact: 580-216-4146,


Ali, Aisha

King Kopy & Printing
119 S Boyd St., Suite 112, Norman
Contact: 405-321-0202

Barger, Dave

Property Appraiser

330 W Gray, Suite 115 
Contact: 405-255-8442

Bowline, Charlie

Dillard Group
Contact: 405-366-7707 

Buwick, Greg


Buwick Group
Contact: 405-830-2805 

Carter, Devonne

Betty Lou's Flowers and Gifts
445 W Gray St. Norman
Contact: 405-364-2400 

Clement, Cliff

Clement Consulting
6150 Blue Hills Court, Norman
Contact: 925-518-1780

Copelin, Ed


Copelin's Office Center and Kidoodles Toy Zone

425 W. Main St., Norman 

Contact:  405-659-3035

Cotham, Link

Financial Advisor 

United Planners Financial Servies  

2109 Brookhaven Blvd., Norman  

Contact:  580-763-7200

Cox, Robert

Friendly Market
3201 S Porter Ave, Norman 
Contact: 405-364-9898 

Cramer, Jordan

Revive Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund
Contact: 405-436-9106

Floyd, Koy

Table Top Mountain Ranches 

317 Stafford Square, Norman 

Contact: 405-706-2626

Foor, Raymond Jr.

Financial Consultant

Oklahoma Capital Advisors 

2241 W Lindsay,  suite 505, Norman

Contact: 405-701-9412

Hager, Alan

Head Golf Professional
The Trails Golf Club
3200 S Berry Road, Norman 
Contact: 405-550-9997

Gardner, Randy

President and Chief Executive Officer
Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity
1100 W Main Street, Suite 100, Norman  
Contact: 405-366-2844

Gray, Nolan

Director of Operations 

Advanced Call Center Technology

2701 Technology Place, Norman
Contact: 435-757-5168   

Hallren, Kathy


Joe's Wine & Spirits
1330 Alameda, Norman
Contact: 405-364-9262   

Hatter, Jerry M.


Balfour of Norman

792 Asp St., Norman

Contact: 405-496-4753

Heikkila, Lerry 


City of Norman

201 W Gray Street, Norman

Contact: 405-366-5402

Hooper, Randy


Hooper Printing Company
301 W. Gray, Norman
Contact: 405-321-4288

Jackson, Richard 

Global View Photography  
3663 Dragon Fire Court, Newcastle
Contact: 281-979-9004

Ketchum, Beth

Wonderhaus Furniture Consignment  
1284 N Interstate Drive, Norman
Contact: 405-701-4048

Keyes, Robert

Associated Industries
PO Box 5300, Norman
Contact: 405-360-1434

Lilly, Larry

Lilly Consulting, LLC
3221 Bart Conner Dr.  Suite B,  Norman
Contact: 405-823-5761

Lockett, Bill

Lockett Enterprises 


Contact: 405-922-0555



Mach, Mary Elizabeth

Oklahoma Water Leader

Garver Engineering

1016 24th Ave. NW, Norman
Contact: 405-269-6884

Martin, Scott

President and CEO 

Norman Chamber of Commerce

115 E. Gray Street

Contact: 405-313-0646

McKinney, Lawrence

President and Chief Executive Officer

Norman Economic Development Coalition 
424 W Main Street
Contact: 405-573-1900 

Minty, Chip


Minty Communications LLC
2620 Bishop's Drive, Norman
Contact: 405-219-9944

Moore, Paul

2500 McGee Drive, Ste. 1420, Norman  

Contact: 405-697-4083

Pace, Larry,


Larry Pace & Co., PC
1225 W. Main St., Suite 124, Norman
Contact: 405-321-3026

Richardson, Scott

Edward Jones 
224 W Gray St., Norman
Contact: 405-364-3300  

Rieger, Andy


1025 Whispering Pines, Norman

Contact: 405-306-3853  

Schemm, Dan

Executive Director

Visit Norman

424 W Main St, Norman

Contact: 405-366-8095 

Solaude, Cyril

Computer Science  

704 Rustwood Trail, Norman

Contact: 405-204-2873


Stewart, Wade

Lippard Auctioneering

2609 N Van Buren, Enid

Contact: 405-699-1056


Taylor, Ed 


Vahlberg, Karen

Chief Executive Officer
Life Spring In-Home Care Networks
2411 Springer Drive, Norman
Contact: 405-203-2715  

Vice, Shane

Funeral Director

Tribute Memorial Care

708 24th Ave. NW, Norman

Contact: 405-627-1561 


Wallace, Lucky


Adventure Air LLC

Contact: 850-525-2493


Waters, Greg


Bye Buy Books

2278 Industrial Blvd. Ste. 121 Norman

Contact: 405-410-9005


Williams, Kurt

Managing Partner

LiqueColor, Inc., 2108 Research Park Blvd., Norman


Woods, Randy

Managing Partner

Investors Property Management
Contact: 405-640-1157 
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